for iOS

Introducing Folders, the most advanced iOS client for Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Use Folders once and you’ll use it forever.
Folders is the most elegant client for your cloud storage.

All your files, sublimed.

PDF Viewer.

Flip PDF pages like a book, preview it with thumbnails, search content, write notes, headline comments, adjust the brightness… The best PDF experience at your fingertips!

Music Player.

Stream mp3 or aac files even when the app is closed, enjoy covers with ID3 support, use your Remote Control and AirPlay. Folders’s music player is fully integrated with iOS.

Office Documents.

Open all your documents whether it'sMicrosoft Word,, Excel, Powerpoint or Google Docs. And enjoy them, fullscreen.

Plain Text and Markdown Editor.

Create notes, edit them. With Folders, you can even use markdown markup so your notes never looked that good!

Photos & Videos.

Preview them with instant access (a low-res is quickly loaded first), browse thumbnails and stream your online videos.

Code Viewer.

Enjoy syntax highlighting and line numbers to preview all your development files such as Javascript, Ruby, C, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, and much more…

An Amazingly Polished
User Interface.

A Jewel, with greatest attention, even to the slightest details. Enjoy subtle animations and transitions. Every graphic element was designed with care and chosen carefully.

Innovative Controls. Enjoy new controls like the “Quick Back" button, a special button to jump easily in the hierachy. Once you’ll use it, you’ll wonder why it’s not already in other apps.

Create & import content on the fly.

Create Notes. Create, edit and save your notes in the cloud. Use Markdown markup to quickly create great looking notes.

Take Photos & Videos directly from within the app, without the need of any other app.

Import existing shots from your Camera Roll. With the Always On Mode, you can leave your phone, it won't go to standby mode before finishing to upload.

The most advanced file manager for your cloud.

Multi-account allows you to manage multiple Box, Dropbox or Google Drive storages.

Copy, move, delete or transfer files with ease. Select multiple files, follow the download or upload progress.

Import files from your Mail or any other app and save pictures in your Camera Roll.

Sort your files by name, last update or by kind.

Unzip this archive you’ve just received in your Mail app. Zip any files and folders.

Share files directly by email, or generate Box, Dropbox and Google Drive links to them.

Favorite your files and folders and find them back with ease.

Search Files through all your Box, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Preload Files & Folders to keep them with you when you’re offline.

Upload with confidence with the Always On mode that ensure your Device won’t go to sleep before finishing its tasks.


Introducing Folders, the most advanced iOS client for Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.